Wall Mounted Mirrors

In my opinion, wall mounted mirrors are the most overlooked item during the budget phase of building. Primarily, the reason for this is one needs to think about how to design the home before it’s even built.  Start looking at your house plans now and imagine where you could build a mirror right into the wall.  Possibly you want an extraordinarily large mirror to hang over your bathroom vanity instead of the traditional medicine cabinet. These are pricey items and if you do not plan them into the budget, you may lose the opportunity to have them when your home is being finished.

The two mirrors to the left are placed to look like decorative windows. Interiorish has a list of 10 ways to use mirrors in design.

Ideas to get you started

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some tips and photos from others who know what they are talking about when it comes to mirrors in general.

Barn Door Medicine Cabinet

This is my favorite idea on this whole page.  The barn doors in the bathroom simply speak to me.

Frameless, beveled wall mounted mirrors hang from sliding tracks, when slid to either side, the medicine cabinet cavity is revealed. Photography by Marie-Dominique Verdier. See the post from Ribbon and Stars.

Frameless Wall Mounted Mirror for the Bathroom

When you need a mirror to fit onto your wall in an odd or unusual size, think about using Room and Board.  They make mirrors by the square inch.

Dining Room Feels Bigger

Two mirrors on adjacent dining room walls.

Small Entryway Looks Much Larger

Make small spaces feel less crowded. See the whole article at Est Magazine.

Wall Mirror Behind a Chest

Plan this detail before you build an add the mirror to the budget.  It subtly changes the room and looks great behind the beautiful chest.