Meet the Team

You won't find a more passionate personality than Melissa's. Whatever she sets out to accomplish is done with creativity and flair. But don't let her creative style fool you. She is also an accomplished draftsman as well as having held a license as a Residential Real Estate Appraiser for 6 years while living in California. Bring your plans, then sit and sip a cup of cocoa with Melissa and you will see what we mean.

Dana is a woman of integrity and has a solid work ethic. Having a strong background in event planning, her detail oriented personality is an asset to any project. Add to that her experience as a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, Pierce County Septic Installer, Construction Manager and her work in an escrow office and you've got a winning combination.

Roger has dedicated his life to the business of doing business. Always striving for the best, he acquired his Ph.D in Business Management. His list of qualifications is long and varied, but a sampling of what he can do includes Project Management, Software and Web Development, as well as AutoCAD. As if that wasn't enough, Roger and his wife have tackled the huge task of Owner-Builders in the great state of Texas.

Douglas is an expert in earthwork and underground utilities. Foundations, septic systems, drainage... you name the ground level task you need accomplished and he is your man. With over 40 years of construction experience, Douglas is ready to pass on this knowledge to our clients. Bringing projects in on-time and within budget is a priority with Douglas. As a side note, he also designs and installs decorative concrete.


The HBA Story

When Roger and Melissa Aylstock decided to build their own home again in Texas, they were surprised to find out they would need to utilize the services of a builder of record (BOR), a term that appeared to be unique to Texas.

Having built and remodeled multiple homes in the past, they felt fully competent to execute the build. The house was finished in a timely fashion, however over the course of the build, when presented with unique complications the BOR instructions they had been given were outdated and less than helpful.

Given the amount of money they had paid for this service, they felt there were better, more technologically based ways to approach the management of a build. This lead to discussions with friends and family. They spoke with Steve Bradshaw (a former plumbing contractor) and his son, Nick Bradshaw (a website developer), who had recently moved to Texas and Dana Palmer (a concrete contractor) and Doug Palmer (a former building contractor) who were moving to Texas themselves. They realized that both families had extensive experience that complimented Roger Aylstock’s (a certified project manager) and Melissa Aylstock’s (a former draftsman).

The Palmer’s, Aylstock’s and Bradshaw’s spent over a year doing their due diligence. With a plan in place, they took the necessary steps to form two separate LLC’s, HBA Construction and Home Builder Assist. At the end of 2016, both Bradshaw’s decided on different professional paths. Home Builder Assist will continue to utilize the Bradshaw’s expertise but on an hourly basis.