Build a Better Home and Save

Plain and Simple - when you're in charge of building your own custom home - you are going to end up with more home, built better and for much less money.

Family standing in grass looking at their proposed dream house.

Do-It-Yourself - Not By Yourself

The construction consultants at Home Builder Assist know how to save money, and we will pass on all our knowledge when you build your own home. The first and biggest way to save money is to act as your own general contractor. We have the knowledge and software tools to help you accomplish this task.

Also, we assist our clients with choosing premier home designs, site placement to capture the greatest energy savings, providing qualified sub-contractor lists, project scheduling software, budget tracking and more. 

As an owner-builder, not only can you build instant equity, you will have complete control of your project. 

The benefit of working with Home Builder Assist is that you’ll be able to take advantage of the years of experience that we bring to the table. On average, a normal home builder will charge you from 15% to 30% of the total cost of your build to hire and manage all the sub-contractors. Why not do it yourself? Just consider all the thousands you’ll save over hiring a traditional builder!

Attention Texas Owner-Builders

Did you know the amount of private parties building a home have been steadily rising since the housing market crash in 2008? Add to that that there are more new housing starts in 2017 in Texas than almost anywhere else.

Savvy Texans want the best quality home for the least amount of money. However, going it alone can be an uncertain venture when attempting any construction project. This is where a Consultant from Home Builder Assist steps in. Our consultants help reduce the learning curve for owner-builders by providing experienced professional guidance, bountiful online resources, in-person and phone support. If you are coming to Home Builder Assist with some construction experience, you can use as much or as little of our professional assistance as you want. Smart and frugal; that describes Home Builder Assist clients.

Build Your Own Home

Many places in the United States allow for individuals to get construction loans while being their own general contractor; Texas does not. Texas is different, but you knew that already, or you wouldn’t be here! To build your own home, the Texas banking industry requires that you utilize the services of an approved Builder of Record in order to obtain funding. However, not all Texas banks provide these specialized loans. Home Builder Assist will put you in contact with qualified lenders; which is one less hurdle you have to jump.

As your Construction Consultant, Home Builder Assist provides:

  • Help Choosing the Right Lender
  • Site Review before and after land purchase
  • Construction Estimate 
  • Site Visits
  • List of Sub-Contractors
  • Scope of Work Agreements
  • Design Review
  • Access to BuilderTrend, the premier Builder Management Software