Freestanding Range

One thing to think about is the several options for a freestanding range.  Our favorite three are Jenn Air, Wolf an Viking. Our intent here is to help you narrow your choice.

If you have intentions to throw big parties, have family gatherings an make your kitchen the focal point of your home, you need to seriously think and plan your design. It is easy to say "It's just a kitchen, throw some cabinets in there, add appliances and voilà." The truth is workflow and layout are important before you can fill this space with family magic. How far away should my fridge be from my sink? My stove be from my fridge? Where does the microwave go? If you are not versed in workflow and layout, Gather Home and Design has a great spot to learn more about kitchen design.

Jenn Air

Jenn Air has a Pro Style line that comes in sizes 30”-48”. They are great and offer “dual fuel” models. Make sure you purchase the convection model if you intend to do any baking. Jenn Air offers modern stainless steel models.They look like the ultra-high end models and work great. They are designed for family cooking and smaller parties of 4-12. They have great cooking options along with various griddle and burner configurations.

The ovens are fabulous and convection is a must. When cooking for large parties you need to spread the duties out over a few shifts. There simply isn’t enough BTU’s available in this freestanding range to accomplish multiple burners operating at high temperatures. It all works, but it just slows down the cooking time.

Pros: Looks great, lower priced, larger size to accommodate more cooking easily.

Cons: Not built for large volume cooking.


Viking has a professional line and they offer gas cooktops along with electrical and gas ranges “dual fuel” models. We would really recommend the convection option. When baking is required convection is the only choice. 

Viking is a great option for family gatherings and everyday cooking. Their ranges offer great looks as well as excellent temperature control. They offer colors as well as styles that look great in today’s modern kitchens.

Viking advertises a professional line, however they are designed for homes. If you’re cooking for a family or small to medium parties they are fabulous. Much better than smaller or standard size ranges. The BTU’s allow you to heat, cook, and simmer for 6-16 people to your heart’s content regularly. If you cooking for big parties on a regular basis 14-50 they are a little undersized. The burners don’t have enough BTU’s available to cook larger batches of eggs, while boiling water, cooking hashbrowns and grilling or pan frying steak. The same thing applies for the griddle and grill options. If you’re cooking dozens of pancakes and using a couple of burners they are more than adequate. If you are cooking dozens and dozens of pancakes the griddles use to many BTU’s to allow use of much else.

Pros: Great looks, color options, larger size to accommodate more cooking easily.

Cons: Not built for large volume cooking.


Wolf advertises and builds a professional line. That is all they build. The ranges run from 30”-60” and come in a variety of configurations. They offer cooktops and free standing ranges and “dual fuel” options as well. Once again if you are going to be doing much baking, convection is the way to go.

Wolf is built as a professional line. If you intend to cook for large family gatherings and parties all the time, this is really the only option.

They provide the BTU’s you need for the freestanding range and you will never be wishing you had more. You can cook as if you were a line chef at your favorite restaurant. They are very utilitarian and operate just as you would expect a restaurant range to do. Want to cook breakfast for the fire department? Have them start lining up! You will run out of food and energy before you run out of stove.

Pros: Great looks, larger size to accommodate more cooking easily, if you need professional this is it.

Cons: Expensive, looks like it belongs in a commercial kitchen.

Bottom Line on your Freestanding Range

When considering your freestanding range purchase, weigh your options with family size in mind, desired look of the kitchen and type of fuel source you need for the home.